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Nissan Frontier Torsion Bars (D22) 1998-2004

Torsion Bars

Here are (D22) Nissan Frontier torsion bars by sway a way. These torsion bars are aftermarket Nissan Frontier (D22) torsion bars are designed specifically for lifted and lowered Nissan Frontier (D22) SUV’s. When you demand superior suspension performance, these torsion bars are the answer. The (D22) Nissan Frontier torsion bars are manufactured from aircraft alloy steel and are designed to have a 20% - 30% increase in spring rate over stock. These (D22) Nissan Frontier torsion bars have a spring rate is also more consistent than factory. These (D22) Nissan Frontier torsion bars eliminate hard bottoming when off roading in your (D22) Nissan Frontier or when towing heavy loads. They also improve the handling on the street, and provide a more consistent spring rate for better control of your (D22) Nissan Frontier. Besides the suspension performance benefits with these torsion bars, these are a great alternative to stock torsion bars with your vehicle at stock height. These Nissan Frontiers are aging and as do the torsion bars. Over time the torsion bars will eventually break and need to be replaced. OEM torsion bars from nissan have been discontinued making these sway a way torsion bars a great alternative. Sway a way also makes other nissan torsion bars, not just for Frontiers.

Nissan Frontier Torsion Bars by Sway a Way 1998-2004, V6 (D22)

Nissan Frontier Torsion Bars by Sway a Way 1998-2004, V6 (D22)

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