About Us

My name is Steven Lutz. I'm the founder and sole operator of Rugged Rocks, LLC. The Rugged rocks journey began after my job ended in 2005, helping with managing the the website and taking sales calls for an online store selling dirt bike parts. During that time I as introduced to 4-wheeling by my father and a family friend. It peaked my interested right away and soon after I found myself converting my 1990 Nissan pathfinder to 4 wheel drive. At the time my reasoning was to be able to get the the ski resorts in the winter, but by interest in 4-wheeling grew the following summer. After a snowboarding accident in February of 2006, I was stuck on the couch for a few months where I was able to start building a business of my own catering to Nissan 4x4 enthusiasts. It was hard to find Nissan parts at the time and rarely could you find them from a central source. My aim was to become that source. Since I have worked with various other companies in the off road industry to being many new off road parts to the Nissan off road market. I have also been a ham radio operator since 1999, and for a time also offered communications equipment with the idea that people should have reliable communications while off road. that part of the business has since ended however, other opportunities have arised. The latest endevour has been building high resolution maps compatible with Lowrance GPS units as well as other related Lowrance accessories. These maps and GPS accessories are catered to off road racing, recreational 4 wheeling, and other specialized use cases for various groups.  I'm always thinking up new things to make and enjoy being involved in the off road industry. 

Steven Lutz
Rugged Rocks, LLC