• Nissan Xterra Heavy Load Lift Kit by Old Man Emu, 2005-2015 (N50)

Fits years 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015  

  • ARB-CS061R 1.5" lift Rear Leaf Spring (2)
  • ARB-2608 Heavy Load 1.5" lift Springs
  • ARB-OMEGS15 Greasable Shackle Kit 2005 and up Xterra
  • ARB-OMESB100 Greasable Shackle Leaf Spring Bushing Kit (2)
  • ARB-OMEU72 Leaf Spring U-Bolt kit 2005 and up Xterra (4)
  • ARB-90003 Front Nitrocharger Sport Strut (2)
  • ARB-60017 Rear Nitrocharger Sport Shock (2)
  • ARB-FK42 Sway Bar Fitting Kit 2005 and up Xterra
Old Man Emu suspension systems have always focused on ride quality rather than ride height and this kit will provide the best ride while still offering more clearance for bigger tires and ground clearance. While OME Nitrochargers will improve overall ride performance when fitted with standard springs, more substantial benefits can be achieved when fitted in conjunction with OME springs. Improved ride, load carrying characteristics, and wheel travel are all benefits of such a combination.
OME coils springs generally provide a 1/2 to 3 inch suspension lift, depending on the model, but they are not actually designed around achieving a particular lift height. They are designed around providing ideal handling and control for the vehicle and the particular load you're carrying. The lift height is more of a side effect than an aim and we choose to do this so that you can have the safest and most controlled handling combined with the most comfortable ride. OME coils are the ideal way to handle all of the additional weight you pack into your vehicle when heading out for your next adventure.

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Nissan Xterra Heavy Load Lift Kit by Old Man Emu, 2005-2015 (N50)

  • Brand: ARB
  • Product Code: RR-OMEN50-2
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  • $1,273.00